Best Platform to learn Node.js

No matter whether you are a beginner or a code geek who want to learn new technologies or you may came across these Node and Mongo, wondering by their amazing functionality. This site is for you.

If you are familiar with JSON format (key value pairs), learning MongoDB is a cakewalk for you. But you may have to know the coding fundamentals to learn Node. I believe that listening is more effective than reading. Here are the list of tutorials and playlists, which, I hope, useful to you:

At first, I am gonna provide the best video series

Node and MongoDB

MongoDB tutorials

For Node.js

The Net Ninja video series

Video Series

1. Introduction to Node

2. Parallel programming with Node.js

3. How node js internally work

4. Why Node.js? (Node.js features)

5. Awesome site to learn Node


1. Node.js for beginners

2. A brief hello world example

3. A typical Node introduction for beginners (Art of Node)

4. Felix Node.js Guide

5. Blog rolling with mongoDB, express and Node.js

6. Node.js for absolute beginner


Node.js podcast


Real time Node.js learning


1. Mastering Node – An open source Node ebook

2. Beginning Web Development with Node.js

3. Node: Up and Running

4. Node.js the Right Way

5. Node.js in Action: from basic to advanced

6. Mixu’s Node book

7. Node.js in 24 Hours


1. Node official docs

2. Node.js research

3. How to Node

4. Node projects

Node Modules

1. npm official site

2. The most important Node modules

Node.js courses on UDEMY is also one of the best option to choose.

Thanks for reading this dude. I would love to know your opinion in the comments section.


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