Adding Monaco/Custom font in Atom

There are three best possible ways to use our favorite fonts in Atom text editor. Default font: You can set the font you like. Go to Settings(Shortcut: control+comma)>>Editor>>Font Family Change the Font Family. Enter the name of your favorite font. Fonts - Package: However, some fonts are not available by default. You can get more... Continue Reading →



Sam woke up suddenly as if he experienced a transcendent being. 'What happened honey?' his wife asked. 'Nothing! Just a bad dream' he said, went outside to look for something. Sudden power shutdown to the whole area. Roads covered with sposh. A cold wind was blowing. Two men were staring at Sam from the end... Continue Reading →


It starts with a Tsunami... Secret agencies make advantage of it, took the each and every child under 8-15. A child is separated from his mother in a crowd which was affected by tsunami. The mother is unconscious for three days. At that time, the child has only one thing in mind - 'How is... Continue Reading →


img source: Google Python decorators are so easy to use. Anyone who knows how to write a Python function can learn to use a decorator. Skip to PYTHON DECORATORS if you know functions. FUNCTION: A function is a set of order of events/actions performed to use it for other purpose. A function in python is... Continue Reading →

What next?(career Tips after B.Tech)

You may passionate on electronic gadgets or in flow you took electronics as your subject. You may wonder how the current market is gearing up to AI for better world evolution. No matter what, you can do wonders with electronics subject if you are willing to do. Here are the evergreen projects coming in future.... Continue Reading →

Best Platform to learn Node.js

No matter whether you are a beginner or a code geek who want to learn new technologies or you may came across these Node and Mongo, wondering by their amazing functionality. This site is for you. If you are familiar with JSON format (key value pairs), learning MongoDB is a cakewalk for you. But you... Continue Reading →

Best ways to earn money online

     Whether you are bored of what you are doing or You are a newbie with tons of enthusiasm to earn from online; this is a great place for you. Earning money online is not an easy task. You'll start, do your best, frustrate and again doing it; still not getting the good result. And... Continue Reading →

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