Best Platform to learn Node.js

Node and MongoDB

No matter whether you are a beginner or a code geek who want to learn new technologies or you may came across these Node and Mongo, wondering by their amazing functionality. This site is for you.

If you are familiar with JSON format (key value pairs), learning MongoDB is a cakewalk for you. But you may have to know the coding fundamentals to learn Node. I believe that listening is more effective than reading. Here are the list of tutorials and playlists, which, I hope, useful to you:

At first, I am gonna provide the best video series

MongoDB tutorials

For Node.js

The Net Ninja video series

Video Series

1. Introduction to Node

2. Parallel programming with Node.js

3. How node js internally work

4. Why Node.js? (Node.js features)

5. Awesome site to learn Node


1. Node.js for beginners

2. A brief hello world example

3. A typical Node introduction for beginners (Art of Node)

4. Felix Node.js Guide

5. Blog rolling with mongoDB, express and Node.js

6. Node.js for absolute beginner


Node.js podcast


Real time Node.js learning


1. Mastering Node – An open source Node ebook

2. Beginning Web Development with Node.js

3. Node: Up and Running

4. Node.js the Right Way

5. Node.js in Action: from basic to advanced

6. Mixu’s Node book

7. Node.js in 24 Hours


1. Node official docs

2. Node.js research

3. How to Node

4. Node projects

Node Modules

1. npm official site

2. The most important Node modules


Best ways to earn money online

     Whether you are bored of what you are doing or You are a newbie with tons of enthusiasm to earn from online; this is a great place for you. Earning money online is not an easy task. You’ll start, do your best, frustrate and again doing it; still not getting the good result. And then you’ll realize ‘what your work worth’.

First of all I would like to make some requests before mentioning the best ways:-
1. Don’t buy/pay any online course/material/automated money making sites/digital marketing sites. You may seem to get money up to 1 to 2 years. Sooner or later you’ll get struck and can’t make money further in a long term view.
2. Don’t trust people who are claiming that earning lots of money online. It may be the best way for them, but not you, as a beginner. Screw those people.

Well! Some people find their niche easily and some don’t.

Don’t worry! You’ll succeed if you have a particular skill or interest. No matter who you are. You want to earn money online. That’s it. Be patience!
You’ll see good results if you go in a correct way.
Rather than checking randomly for chances. I would suggest you to stick to your interest or stick to what you are good at.
These are some platforms which may apt your skills:-


If you have interest/skill on any of the above, go through these list of micro stock websites which give you commission if someone buy your stuff. Anyway you may have to submit your work samples and get qualified to be a contributor.
If you become a contributor, your images may not recognition at first. Add the tags which are related to your work. For Example: If you upload flowers image, the tags might be flowers, nature, fresh etc… But the tags should not like tree, plant, surroundings etc…
If you add unnecessary tags, sooner or later your account will be banned.

Shutter Stock: Best agency in terms of earnings by a long, long way.

Dreams Time: Friendly, established agency that rewards popular images.

Pond 5: Hugely successful with stock video footage clips, now branching out into photo sales as well.

Deposit Photos: Huge marketing muscle has made their rise one of the quickest in the industry.

Stock Fresh: Run by some established professionals but still a little slow going for sales.

Photo Dune: Part of huge Envato network of stock sites, this ones taking off.

Big Stock: Owned by Shutterstock but seems to attract a totally different buyer base.

123rf: Good agency that has come a long way in a short time.

Canva: Taking the design world by storm and selling lots of images along the way.

IStock: Despite the lowest contributor royalties, still manages to earn decent money.

Fotolia: European flavor which will suit certain types of portfolio’s more than others.

Adobe Stock: Bought out Fotolia and currently running both, huge potential with Adobe Creative Cloud link.

Can Stock Photo: Great community feel to it with sales proving to be increasingly consistent.

Most Photos: Slow starter, but gaining some traction lately in the European markets.

G L Stock Images: Formerly Graphic Leftovers, good stuff to deal with and fair pricing structure.

Zoonar: European flair with 3 different pricing tiers to choose from and great royalties.

Cut Claster: Nice clean website, multiple pricing options.

Sign Elements: Part of the Ingram Group, with a unique approach aimed at sign writers.

Feature Pics: Been around for quite some time, good acceptance rates and few but regular sales.

Yay Images: Formerly YayMicro, easy to deal with and offering a web streaming package.

Pic Fair: Agency aiming to be fair to photographers, with a slightly different pricing strategy.

Evanto Elements: New subscription based site by Envato (PhotoDune parent) aimed at large volume designers.


Whether you’re looking for another way to pay the bills, seeking more professional development opportunities or just love the freedom that freelancing offers, there’s no question that millions of people have discovered the benefits of professional freelancing.
For Programming, Ghost Writing and Content Writing (blogs/articles):

UpWork, Toptal, Freelancer, Craigslist, Guru, 99 Designs, People Per Hour, Freelance Writing Gigs, College Recruiter (for students and recent graduates), ifreelance, Simply hired, Fiverr.

For Photoshop skills: Photoshop for minimum 5$, To Learn Photoshop, Earn From Photoshop and also you can find more Photoshop work at above freelancer sites.

If you have Gods gift of creating art with your bare hands (handicrafts), this would be the best fit for you: Etsy.

These are the best ways to earn money online up to my knowledge. These will give best results if you choose any one particular skill according to your interest and stick to it until you get success.

There are other ways too to earn money online like writing blogs, selling material in amazon, making online tutorials, uploading videos in youtube, Teaching online, Affiliating, Earning through digital marketing etc,..
But success may depend on your luck if you follow them.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave the comments down below:)

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What is the career option left for good future after completing graduation in B.E. electronics branch in INDIA?

You may passionate on electronic gadgets or in flow you took electronics as your subject. You may wonder how the current market is gearing up to AI for better world evolution.

No matter what, you can do wonders with electronics subject if you are willing to do.

Here are the evergreen projects coming in future.
1. Interchanging memories:
Interchanging memories of two bodies thereby

  • One may change his/her body according to his will by interchanging memories.
  • One may save his memories in a hard disc or a machine
  • One may save his memory into a robot. So that he may not die even after his body cremation. He lives forever in a robot.

Okay! Let’s explore:

There are different kinds of opportunities after Electronics U.G which may or may not suits you based on you goals, ability, economic background.

Irrespective of electronics, you can choose field you enjoy in further studies.

Here are some best ways which I know:



  1. OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS: There lots of opportunities in O.C too. But the main drawback is you have pay a lot for coaching (1 to 3.5 lakh). This would fetch you job with salary of 30k per month.
  2. VLSI: VLSI is the ever best subject and has huge potential in future as well as now. You can get good job with maximum package by learning the IEEE language, etc. There are good institutes (like R. V. VLSI) for that. The coaching costs 1–1.5* lakhs. If you get job, initially you can only earn 10k to 15k per month (if you are not from well reputed college). But after 1 or 2 years may be your salary will be multiplied (greater than software industry hikes).
  3. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS: It is the 2nd pioneer in electronics which provides great job opportunities for many students. The coaching costs 0–1.5* lakhs based on the area.
  4. DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING: DIP has huge potential to land us on best position. But, one should possess deep understanding of crests and troughs in the subject for it.
  5. GOVERNMENT EXAMS: Top exams for government jobs are Indian Engineering Services(IES), Steel Authority of India limited(SAIL), Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO), HPCL, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), BPCL, ONGC, NTPC, Coal India and AFCAT (air force). My instruction is try these exams if you have great subject and potential to know a lot.

Short courses:

One can do certifications on subjects and as well as short time courses in the best institutes by writing entrance exams like Veda IIT, CDAC and Vector India (for Embedded systems). There is no examination fee for vector India. Veda IIT and CDAC has examination fee of 1000 to 2000/-.
These institutions may charge you up to 2 lakhs for training and show job opportunities*(may be).
Check out the details in, and

Higher studies(p.g):

  1. GATE EXAM: Some top IIT’ s provide research facilities for different subjects. You may have to get the rank in 2 or hardly 3 digits.
  2. GRE: For foreign studies. It would be better if you get score of 320+ out of 340.

Notice that some institutes are good for some particular courses. So wisely choose the university or institute according to your preferred course for GATE and GRE.



  1. SOFTWARE INDUSTRY: One of the best opportunity for us (Indians) to boost our economy. One can learn and do certifications on popular languages like RUBY ON RAILS, PYTHON, HADOOP. IOT, MACHINE LEARNING, CLOUD are the best.
  2. GOVERNMENT SECTOR: you can choose administrative sector (IAS, IPS, Groups), bank exams (Manager, P.O and Clerical). Related information available in government job updates, news papers etc.
  3. PART TIME: There are many opportunities in the world. As an Engineering graduate I won’t suggest this to you unless you build up your start up.
  4. ONLINE EARNING: Technology intensified. As a result, you can earn lots of money by sitting in front of desktop with bunny slippers. At first you may not able to learn much amount. But 1–3* years later, your money might get multiplied even if you wont do anything. It depends on how fast you learn and apply the things. Here are some decent ways to earn money online.
    • Upload video’s (Example: YouTube).
    • Sell Photos (Example: Istock and Shutterstock).
    • Earn from digital marketing. Warning: Be cautious about choosing a website or company.
    • Sell your creative hand made things (Example:
    • Do Photoshop(Example: Fiverr)
    • Be an affiliate (Example: affilorama)
    • Be a freelancer (Example: Upwork)
    • Write a Blog on your interested topic. (Example: WordPress and Wix)
    • Invest in some cloth material. Make your own shirt design. Sell the stock on amazon.

Higher Studies:

  1. MBA: Although CAT, GMAT, IBSAT, XAT, SAT, NMAT, SNAP, IIFT, CET, CMAT, MAT leads you to good institutes, CAT, GMAT have the potential to give you best quality fruits. Fee range is 0–20* lakh based on the college.
  2. GRE: One can do their different kinds of courses in where ever he/ want.For Example: Bio-medical Engineering in Singapore etc.

Don’t let your mind oscillate in different choices. Do research on which suits you best.
Hope this helps.
Thanks for reading this with patience. Wish you good luck.